T 's & C's (ie: Terms & Conditions)

By attending any of our productions, you accept and agree to the T's & C's below, where you and any guests you might have, must read our T's & C's before attending any of our productions.

We do not conduct tours (and we also make no claims to present facts of any nature like a tour guide would), where we instead present theatrical (entertainment) productions (hereinafter and above referred to as "Production/s"), and where we are performers/entertainers (ie: not tour guides).

By attending any of our Productions, you and any guests you may have, indemnify us against liability of any nature, including but not limited to, experiences, reactions, etc., or any situations, arising from our Productions such as injury, death, physical issues (including pregnancy issues), medical & psychological issues, loss of income, damage to property of any kind (including vehicles), scares, and any other libelous issues or negative issues of any nature.

The Mystery Ghost Tours are not a route (and are called 'Jaunts'). The Mystery Ghost Bus is also not a route. In both cases rather than being Routes they are actually Programmes (like you would have at a theatrical production, whether presented indoors or outdoors). We use the word Route because some people get confused by the word "Programme". In both cases (Bus and Jaunt), we visit venues (hereinafter referred to as "Venue/s") to which all of us travel to, where we present our Acts (hereinafter referred to as "Acts") at the Venues, where you will walk and ride to the Venues; and where some Venues may change at any time (although rarely) if we have to change our Production/s for any reason (eg: a venue might have to close down briefly for building alterations).

We present our Acts at Venues to which you will ride and walk (the same way as if you were riding or walking to attend a theatrical stage production like say the rock-opera, "The Phantom Of The Opera", at a theatre; or riding or walking to a concert in a park; or to visit a building, cemetery, hotel, restaurant, pub, street, forest, or any place whatsoever.

Regarding the Jaunt, it is up to you to ensure that you drive and walk yourself to the correct Venues. If you arrive late at any of the out-of-the-vehicle Venues, your ghostly host may already have begun telling the story (where your ghostly host waits no longer than 10 minutes for all to arrive at each out-of-the-vehicle stop), thus it is advisable not to drag your heels in getting to each venue (but whilst obeying road speed limits). Your ghostly host will not be held liable for you getting lost or arriving late (at any time regarding any venue).

If an event has to be cancelled (which hardly ever occurs), only our preferred Accomodation partners will re-imburse you in full.

We only perform at public places, public streets and the like (all public as well), which can be visited by the public at any time.

Some public places are dark at night (eg: cemeteries, which have holes in the ground, iron girders which might have sharp edges, and so on), where torches must be used; and where you must be vigilant at all times and take every precaution to ensure that you walk, ride and act etc. safely at all the Venues we visit (whether they are darkly lit or not), and where pavements, paths an so on, might be uneven, have holes in them, trees which could fall, hidden objects & aspects that could affect you in a negative manner (eg: live electrical wires, pollution, chemicals, etc.), and so on. Thus, you must exercise caution at all times, where we exempt ourselves from any type of liability that may arise at any Venue (or on our way to and from Venues). In the City of Tshwane (Pretoria), regarding the Capitol Theatre and Ou Raadsaal at Church Square, you and any guests you may have, may only walk in the lower hall area; where neither we nor the owners of-, or anyone associated with-, the Capitol Theatre and Ou Raadsaal, accept any liability of any nature whatsoever.

You must not stray away from the group attending any of our Productions.

We do not encourage persons under the age of 18 to attend any of our Productions, but should they attend, their parents/guardians/caregivers indemnify us against liability of any nature, now and in the future.

We offer more of an adult type of entertainment, where children under the age of 8 are not allowed to attend the Productions.

South African Law applies to drivers of vehicles on the Mystery Ghost Jaunt, where appointed drivers may not be under the influence of alcohol, mind-altering substances or be affected by anything of any nature which could negatively affect their driving (thus appoint a safe & sober driver, or even use Uber if necessary, or if you are a large group then use or hire a larger vehicle with its own driver); and where all participants partaking in the Mystery Ghost Jaunt, indemnify us against liability of any nature in this regard. All participants must understand and hereby accept  that not all participants may obey the law regarding the driving of vehicles, where we shall not be held liable for their actions. All rules/laws of the road must be followed. 

Regarding the Mystery Ghost Bus, all busses have Public Liability Insurance.

Regarding the use of our Dowsing Rods, these must be used at the height of hip level only and pointing forwards and away from your body, and without the possibility of them coming into contact with any part of your body or someone else's body; where you must walk in a straight line (even when the line becomes the circle that is finally formed, and even before/after it is formed); with one person walking behind the other (you may not walk next to someone); at a safe distance of at least 4 metres between each person; where you may not stop walking at any time; nor turn around to face the person behind you (or even go 4 meters near to them); and where you must also ensure that you watch the ground and everything else around you (to prevent tripping, falling or anything else that could negatively affect you); and where you must take every precaution not to harm yourself or others in any manner whatsoever regarding the use of the Dowsing Rods; and where finally you indemnify us regarding liability of any nature regarding the use of the Dowsing Rods (from the time you collect the Dowsing Rods from us, until the time you return them to us), and even with regard to others using the Dowsing Rods who might negatively affect you in any manner whatsoever.

Pregnant women, people with disabilities, and any person who is not psychologically or physically fit, or could suffer in any negative manner whatsoever from anything at all, indemnifies us from liability of any nature whatsoever

No weapons of any kind, alcohol, drugs or anything that could affect you or others negatively (including-, but not limited to- swearing, hate speech, scares, verbal, physical or other abuse) - are/is allowed at any of the Productions.

Disruptive, inebriated, loud, aggressive persons, or any persons negatively affecting the group - will removed from any Production at any time, at once, without any warning - and if necessary removed by the police (although the latter has only occurred once since our Productions began in 2001) - where we shall not be liable for said persons' transport costs, nor for their safe return home (or to wherever they are staying); where they must find their own and safe transport to take them home (or to wherever they are staying).

You must bring any important medication you may require to the Productions, and you must inform someone in your group (or if you are not in a group, then inform another person partaking in our Productions, or ourselves), of any important medical or other problematic conditions (of any nature) you may have, and how they (or we) can contact your doctors, specialists, family, friends and other important parties, in case of medical or other emergencies; and you must also inform them (or ourselves) what medications (or instructions) are important during any medical or other emergencies (and tell them or ourselves  where the medications or instructions are to be located). Please note that certain venues and busses may or may not have first-aid kits (even if they are supposed to have such kits).

In the case of medical emergencies, we shall not make any attempt to assist (due to loopholes in the law, and previous precedents that have arisen regarding the law in this regard), however we shall call an ambulance on your behalf (but we shall not be held liable for the cost thereof). We shall however attempt to place you in 'the recovery position', but upon telephonic discussions with-, and precise instructions from-, paramedics, doctors, specialists & the like - in this regard. All parties accept that all medical attention applies the same way as if you are/were in your own vehicle, at home or anywhere else (eg: outside), and whether you are riding, walking, standing, sitting or whatever else.

Regarding Health & Safety, you and your guests accept that common sense prevails, and that you and your guests must utilise said common sense, and also be vigilant at all times; and where as stated earlier above we perform at public areas (public buildings, public streets and other public areas).

Not all public areas (public buildings, public streets and other public areas) are wheelchair friendly, and thus wheelchairs may not be able to enter or ride along all public areas, so please check with us before attending any of our Productions.

No Refunds except in extremely rare & highly exceptional circumstances (or due to Covid restrictions) if a Production is cancelled, where we shall inform you via email and/or a cellphone SMS (whichever of the two you have provided for us to use), and refund you for your ticket/s.

Umbrellas are a must for outdoor Productions, as we operate in the rain regardless.

Coats are advisable as weather conditions can change at any time.

Regarding our Production called "Ghost Stories Around The Fire" it is advisable to bring a blanket.

Regarding Videos we shall not be held liable (nor issue ticket refunds) due to internet connectivity problems and other internet/download issues on your side, so please ensure that you have good internet connectivity. To date we have found our customers have not experienced any problems, or if they have, it has lasted for a few seconds.

Over all the years that we have performed since 2001, we have taken care to never be grossly negligent, and have ensured that participants are safe and not affected by negative aspects.

A torch must be used in areas which are not very brightly lit.

Regarding our production called "Ghost Stories Around The Fire", if you choose a venue other than venues that we use, then you must ensure that the venue has sufficient Public Liability Insurance for you and your guests, and that the venue complies with Health & Saftey Regulations. Mosquito repellant is suggested during months in which mosquitoes appear.

We reserve the right to freely publish any materials (photographs, videos, audio recordings, stories, etc.) given to us by our guests, or any party or entities known to said guests on our tours (or not on our tours), without seeking permission or granting courtesy (ie: naming of the provider of the materials) regarding publication of said materials - and without any form of remuneration or other type of return.

All Productions are presented in English.

Please ensure that you read our Website in full so that you know what the Productions entail.

Sometime tours may run up to around 1 hour longer due to rain or other happenstances, so please be prepared for this.

If there is anything that you and any guests whom you may bring along to the Productions, are unsure about, regarding any aspect of any of our Productions, or any of the above, then you and said guests must consult us before partaking in any of our Productions.

Note that the Dates of our Public Tours are published on our Website (or we notify you of such available dates for the city in which you want to take the tour in), where if you book as a 'Private Group' on a Public Tour date, then please note that there will be other guests on the tour - not that this matters, because your 'Private Group' can still clan together.

(VALID DURING PERIODS OF COVID: All Covid-19 regulations apply, where you must ensure your and others' safety and other precautions, and where regardless we shall not be held liable for Covid-19 infections.)

By partaking in any of our Productions, you indemnify us from any liability of any nature whatsoever; where you must also inform any guests you may bring with you of same, and thus all of the above ie: all of our T's and C's, where you and any guests must read our T's & C's before a Production takes place.

Our website, tickets/vouchers, ticket outlets etc., all state that our T's & C's apply.

If you feel that we have not covered everything above that could negatively effect you and any guests you might bring along to the Productions, please email us directly here so that we can solve the issue.