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IMPORTANT: The 3 Acts below are very different to the 3 Acts of the "Haunted Train Ghost Dinner" in Heidelberg (Gauteng)

This event runs rarely due to the owner having to run the Mystery Ghost "Tours" in 8 cities around SA.

Sells out quickly (only 48 seats), where several people tend to book many friends, family and even workmates, to join them.

We also run Private events for a min of 20 persons and max of 48 persons (see below).

Discount Accommodation available if you want to stay over (see below).

Please do not confuse these Dinners with the very popular 'Mystery Ghost Tours', which also run in Johannesburg and 7 other cities.


VENUE: Ye olde Sunnyside Park Hotel (which began as a massive eloquent manor house). This is one of Johannesburg's oldest hotels luckily enough to still be in existence, dating back to turn of the last century (with discount stay over option). The production takes place in 'The Attic'.



This is a unique production where people travel from afar due to its popularity. You will be served a 5-star, 3-course meal in "The Attic". The dinner is interpersed with the 3 Acts below, where you will be entertained by the inimitable owner of the long-running SA's Mystery Ghost Tours, Mark Rose-Christie, in person.

(1). Act 1: "Tour" - Our production begins with an historic tour of the olde hotel, including the Tower, the Tudor corridor that reminds one of the movie "The Shining" (see photograph below), the grand staircase, the old ball room, a legendary private garden, and of course 'The Attic'. The tour is followed by Starters.

Tudor Passage

(2). Act 2 : "Real Encounters" - Note that this act is entirely different to the acts we present at our ghost dinners in our other 2 cities. During this act you will listen to famous and very real South African ghost cases, which your host, Mark Rose-Christie, had dramatised and especially recorded in a radio studio, with eerie music and special sound effects to chill one to the bone. The last of these cases is none other than the famous "Uniondale Hitchhiker", but where Mark takes the case a step further, and which has never been told to the public before. This revolves around Mark many years ago interviewing the first policeman (Patrick MacDonald) who arrived at the accident scene outside Uniondale, where a particular aspect of the case makes it not only entirely credible, but one of the most credible ghost cases in the world. You will learn about this long lost secret aspect to your utter astonishment at the end of the act. The Main course is then served.


(3). Act 3 : "The Spirit Curtain" - Note that this act is entirely different to the acts we present at our ghost dinners in our other 2 cities. This jaw-dropping theatrical stage act using a 'Spirit Curtain', replicates the stage shows of Spirit Cabinets (see photo below of the Davenport Brothers inside their spirit cabinet) and Spirit Curtains, which were used by magicians who used clever trickery to imitate spiritualist mediums during the olde Vaudeville era. The 'supposed' spirits get up to all sorts of weird and visual happenings, leaving you astounded forevermore as to how the spirits achieved such visual affects. Dessert plus drinks, liqueurs, coffee and/or tea are then served.

Davenport Brothers

[Photograph: The Davenport Brothers performing their Spirit Cabinet in America from 1854 to circa 1870]

AGES: This is more of an adult production, but kids ages 6 & up are welcome:

STRICT FORMAL DRESS CODE: Men - Jackets & Ties (or Bow Ties) / Ladies - Long Dresses.

(Or dress up in period attire costume, even Victorian attire).

MENU: Starters: Vampire's BBQ Chicken Wings, with Corn Salad and a Sweet Chilli Sauce. Mains: Voodoo Oxtail and a Butter Mash served with sauteed Carrots and Green Beans with a Garlic Roll. Dessert: Murderous Milk Tart with fresh Fruits and Chantilly Cream

SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: If you have any special dietary requirements where you need alternative courses, then send an email with your requirement here


DRINKS: Drinks are for your own account.

SEATING: Tables are arranged with 8 seats per table. If you are a group of people (you can be more than 8 people), we shall seat you all close together per a seating plan, which we shall discuss with you once you have booked. Maximum of 6 tables, which makes a total of 48 seats.

ACCOMMODATION: If you want to stay over for discount B&B rates click here

THE NEXT DAY (IF YOU WANT A TOTAL GET-AWAY) or IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY: If you arrive early or you are going to stay over, you can wonder around the hotel, and also its beautiful gardens with waterfalls and ponds, and enjoy the outside deck.


PUBLIC TICKETS for 11 May (6pm to 10pm): Tickets R 599 per person (all inclusive, but excl. drinks) Book here  SOLD OUT !!

PRIVATE GROUPS: This event can be booked on any date except for Saturdays & Sundays. We cater for team-building, clients, launches, parties, hen & bachelor, birthdays, staff, year end functions, clubs, hotels & tourism groups, anniversaries, etc.. Min 20 persons (or equivalent payment thereof). Max 48 persons. To book contact us directly here