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Bring a small picnic basket with some small snacks & cooldrinks if you wish, but please try to support our Starting Venue by eating something there, along with buying some drinks, as it is the venue that allows for our tours to have starting place.

The 'Jaunt' is similar to our Mystery Ghost 'Bus', with the same route & same major out-of-the-vehicle stops performed by your ghostly host, just like the Mystery Ghost Bus - where you will use your own car (or share with friends) as part of a convoy like a fun mystery car rally. The Jaunt is more interactive than the Mystery Ghost 'Bus' however, because a fun, outgoing person, reads out aloud a few stories in-the-car between our major out-of-the-car stops, where your ghostly host takes over and entertains you to the hilt.  We give you a short script upon arrival. IMPORTANT: You cannot book for just one (1) person. You need at least two (2) people ie: one to drive the car, and one to read the stories. You can bring as many people as you wish in your vehicle (price is still per person though).

Runs in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. But we also run in the magical quaint towns of Cullinan and Parys, where we have bargain B&B rate options via our preferred partners here if you want to make your outing an escapist get-away stay over, rather than returning home - because Cullinan/Parys & surrounds offer much to see & do (they also offer special group and family B&B rates).

The Jaunt also includes the same aspects as the Bus when it comes to the science of the paranormal (with live demonstrations eg: use of our dowsing rods), using ghost hunting apps (which we shall tell you how to download onto your cellphone), haunted houses, entering a graveyard with a thrilling climax, and so on.

We run Public Events, and for Groups (Private and Corporate), as shown below.

Booking details are below.

Public and Private/Corporate Events

1. Public Events
Book for any amount of people (you do not need a group).

To see our routes click here

If you want to stay over instead of returning home, see our accommodation venues (some with Bargain B&B rates), by clicking here

For Dates, Prices & Bookings click

Ages: This is more adult entertainment (no under 10's).
Duration: 6pm to 10pm (which will revert to 7pm to 11pm once the Lockdown Curfew is lifted).

Bring: Water, Cash (to eat & drink before we start), Torch, Camera, Flat Walking Shoes & Coat.
Umbrella is a must (you do not want to miss the out-the-car stories).
Eat & Drink from 5pm onwards at the Eateries listed in the 'Routes' section here

Meet at the Starting Points listed in the 'Routes' section here

2. Private /Corporate Events

To book contact us directly here

When it comes to Groups, the same applies as stated above under the Public Events section (eg: Routes, Accommodation if you wish to stay over, and everything else above)

Minimum 20 people (if you don't have 20 people, you need to pay for the equivalent of 20 people).

Maximum 100 people.

We perform for team-building, private parties (incl. hen & bachelor), birthdays, clients, staff, incentives, year end functions, product launches, conferences, clubs, hotels & tourism groups, anniversaries, etc..

Note that our theatrical production is like any other (eg: attending the rock opera 'The Phantom Of The Opera'), and thus we don't issue quotations, fill out vendor application, nor offer discounts or terms.