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Runs for Groups and sometimes for the Public, but never for Public in Cape Town (costs too high, so for Cape Town take the 'Public' Jaunts, which run very rarely, or book a Group of 20 or more people).

The Mystery Ghost Bus runs in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

The bus does not run in Cullinan and Parys (the costs are too high to hire bus from all the way in Joburg), so we only run the Jaunt in Cullinan & Parys (we also run the Jaunt in the abovementioned cities by the way).

Getting back to discussing the Bus, if you don't have 20 people, then you can either pay for the equivalent of 20 people, or take the 'Public' version of the Mystery Ghost 'Jaunt' as abovementioned.

We have small and big busses for the Mystery Ghost Bus as follows:

20 Seater Bus: Min 20 People / Max 20 People (ie: you need to pay for 20 people regardless, or the equivalent of 20 people).

Bigger Busses:
Min 30 People / Maximum amount of people: Johannesburg 78. Pretoria 78. Cape Town 58. Durban 63. Port Elizabeth 63.

Other sizes: If you have 21 - 29 people, you will need to pay for the equivalent of 30 people, or take the 'Public' version of our Mystery Ghost Jaunt (as abovementioned).

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We perform for t
eam-building, private parties (incl. hen & bachelor), birthdays, clients, staff, incentives, year end functions, product launches, conferences, clubs, hotels & tourism groups, anniversaries, etc..

The Mystery Ghost Bus includes many stories, haunted houses, the science of the paranormal, use of our dowsing rods, using ghost hunting apps (which we shall tell you how to download onto your cellphone), entering a graveyard with a thrilling climax, and much more.

Ages: This is more adult entertainment (no under 10's).
Duration: 5pm to 10pm (which will revert to 6pm to 11pm once the Lockdown Curfew is lifted).

Bring: Pub & Grub money, Torch, Camera, Flat Walking Shoes & Coat.
Umbrella is a must (you do not want to miss the off the bus stories).
Eat & Drink from 5pm onwards at the Eateries listed in the 'Routes' section here

Meet at the Starting Points listed in our 'Routes' section here 

Note that our theatrical production is like any other (eg: attending the rock opera 'The Phantom Of The Opera'), and thus we don't issue quotations, fill out vendor application, nor offer discounts or terms.