About Mark Rose-Christie

Mark Rose-Christie

Multi-talented Mark Rose-Christie, is academically a sociologist & psychologist, a professional TV/film-maker, theatrical producer/director/actor, South Africa's leading illusionist, and celebrity paranormalist (his work appearing in several books on the topic of ghosts in South Africa). 

As a sociologist he lectured at the University of Port Elizabeth (today NMMU), and continued studying at Rhodes University towards a Master of Arts degree, whilst also producing the shark movie “White Death” (a parody of the movie “Jaws”), plus magazine programmes for the launch of the SATV-2 Xhosa-Zulu channel back in its day in South Africa, under the mentorship of the late Bill Faure.

In the theatre, having been grounded in classical theatrical productions such as Shakespeare’s "Hamlet" from an early age, he went on to stage rock opera’s, where he produced, directed & starred in the singing role of 'Judas' in the award-winning and national media acclaimed South African National Premiere of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, with the fames British actor, Gary Bryden, playing 'Jesus'. Mark is also an accomplished pianist & dancer.

As an illusionist he launched the first-ever illusion spectaculars for South Africa, of the same epic scale as those of David Copperfield overseas, having been invited to perform for presidents such as George Bush Sr. overseas, and Thabo Mbeki in South Africa. The media hailed Mark as "The David Copperfield of South Africa" and his shows as "Sheer Las Vegas". By age 24 he had already won international acclaim with his autographed photograph being hung in 'The Hall of Fame' at Hollywood's "Magic Castle" (the international home to magicians), and his name being entered into the world's original magic circle's - The London Magic Circle's, book "Who's Who of Magic in the World".

Mark brought about many changes to the art of magic, making him the only illusionist worldwide to date to be able to claim the title “Illusionist of the 21st Century”, where he gave the art a long-awaited facelift with his multi-dimensional shows, entirely new illusions (which he invented), and which were presented in the modern idion - appealing to a broader & modern audience "more than David Copperfield could achieve" it was emphasised by his peers overseas. A video clip of his last illusion spectacular “Magic Of The Future” can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrd61J_EyCE


The famous international ghost hunter of his day, Peter Underwood, said that to properly investigate the paranormal, one has to be a "detective" (with a knowledge of science), a "conjurer" (to detect hoaxes), and a degreed "psychologist" (in order to tell the difference between hallucinations and real psi phenomena). Mark happens to be all three, and more. He is also a degreed sociologist (with the ability to compare ghosts from different cultures), an entertainer (allowing for dramatic story-telling), and a quantum physics enthusiast (which he studied after doing physics as a subject at school), and which has greatly assisted his understanding of the many different types of ghosts, and other aspects para-psychology.

He recently struck up a colleagueship with Dr Rupert Sheldrake, who has been the only para-psychologist to sit around the table with leading scientists in the world - both sceptics and believers in pis-phenomena - and whose work is seen as credible by several academics. Mark has introduced his own academic views regarding psi research.


During a near-fatal road traffic accident some years ago, Mark suffered some spinal injuries, which prevented him from pursuing his mainstay career of illusion, but the spinal injuries don't affect his ghostly productions. Due to the road accident, Mark prematurely launched the "Mystery Ghost Bus of South Africa" in 2001 - a concept which he had devised in 1988 when he, his cousin & some friends, boarded the original London Ghost Bus in that year. Being hailed by the media as "a man of many firsts" for his pioneering efforts in launching novel concepts & productions for South Africa and worldwide, Mark decided to add additional aspects to the concept of a ghost bus, where he added the science of the paranormal, use of dowsing rods by guests, some dramatic entertainment, a few clever scares, and other infotaining aspects. 

Today the "Mystery Ghost Bus" has become the "Mystery Ghost Jaunt", where its spin-off production is called "Ghost Stories Around The Fire". In the year 2020, Mark began to produce & host online paranormal videos, which also features short video segments of the works of Dr Rupert Sheldrake, who became famous for his books such as "Seven Experiments Which Can Change The World", and "The Science Delusion" (the latter which was written in opposition to Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" and many a scientist still clinging to Materialism, despite the findings of Quantum Physics and a new physics to examine 'The Hard Problem of Consciousness').

"There is more in heaven and on earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio" - Hamlet to Horatio in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"