Our Most Authentic Photos

Over time, hundreds of photos have been taken by our guests, and at times by the media. The photos below are just some of the more interesting ones,
and which to date have not been able to be debunked by any professional person of any discipline, nor photographers, from around the world.

photos lady in black   photos eikenlaan   photos tunnel

photos alphen manor   photos knockfierna   photos orb

not orbs    vortexes

Top (L to R): 'The Lady In Black' at Erasmus Castle (Pretoria). She often moves the curtains when we visit, and some guests have taken videos of same. Typical Victorian-cum-Edwardian cap & nightgown, taken by a journalist attending one of our productions in Johannesburg (courtesy: Vrouekeur Magazine). Thermal photo of worker who died in post office tunnel, taken by paranormal investigators during the making of one of our many TV programmes (courtesy: SPITSA paranormal investigation team).

Middle (L to R): Our host, unaware of a little girl ghost standing next to him (with her back to the camera), whilst something is rushing up the stairs (Cape Town). Little girl in Edwardian attire, with white bib, black dress, lower white frill, with short black hair, where the eyes, nose & lips are prominent (Port Elizabeth). Fast moving orb (orbs glow, whereas dust particles do not) - taken by guest at one of our graveyards. This is not as a result of a cigarette being moved fast, as that would require a slow shutter speed, in which case the statue behind would be over-exposed (which it is not), and one would also see a blurred image of the hand holding the cigarette (however no hand blur is seen).

Bottom (L to R): Hundreds of orbs would not appear in a graveyard, unless there were hundreds of restless souls, which is highly unlikely in a graveyard. This would be more typical of a battlefield where soldiers were buried on the spot, and never given a proper burial in their hometown. The multiple 'orb' photo is a mix of dust particles & mist droplets, where the camera flash reflects off of both. As shown in the middle section of photos, orbs glow instead. In the last photo, an excited guest felt she had captured a vortex. We had to inform her that this was her camera flash reflecting off of her camera strap, which often happens when people think they have captured a vortex. The right side of the same photo shows what may be a true vortex, taken by one the many paranormal investigation groups we work with at times. It may be a camera lens flare, however the bottom part of the blue shape narrows too suddenly, which is not typical of lens flare. As it happens there is a ghost who appears in this very area.

To date, the last type of apparition viz: a mist, has not been captured by any of our guests or he media during our productions, except for cigarette smoke, which is often mistaken for a mist.