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(1). MYSTERY GHOST JAUNT (the reviews below are from our Mystery Ghost Bus, which has now become our new & exciting Mystery Ghost Jaunt)

The Mystery Ghost Bus, based on the London Ghost Bus, is our oldest Production, having begun in the year 2001 at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown before running countrywide. It has appeared in all major South African newspapers, clocked up over 200 hours of air-time on radio, appeared in many South African & international magazines, and appeared in over 30 South African & international TV programmes.

In South Africa, the Mystery Ghost Bus has become a household name, featuring in TV soapies like "7de Laan", and in more recent years it has been included in the tourism curricula at universities, colleges & other tertiary educational institutions. Internationally, it has won the Global Luxury Travel Guide award several years in a row. 

"This was our 4th time" - Michelle Pretorius, Investec Group
"Superb, thrillingly different for our group of VIP clients" - The Capital Hotel, Sandton
"Most memorable evening ever for our client, Standard Bank" - Elite Entertainment Agency
"Forget the standard birthday, Year End & other bashes, here you get everything at once, you can even have dinner" Shirley James, private function

"Something so, so, so totally different ... it's sophisticated entertainment with some clever chills" - Rod Browne, private function
"Even I felt a tingling sensation down my spine" - Tracy Melass, London's TNT Magazine
"Fabulous, fun time ... I've been 4 times ... spine tingling" - Moira de Swardt, Artslink
"A night of jumps & jolts" - Rekord, see sound bytes & video here

"Top Seller at the National Arts Festival" - Die Burger
"You certainly get your money's worth" - Mail & Guardian
"I can't believe these dowsing rods actually work" - Derek Watts, Carte Blanche
"Memorable & enjoyable ... you'll want to do another spin as soon as possible" - Perdeby here

"For the skeptic who says there's no such thing as ghosts, this event certainly gives them something to think about" - Star
"Real life ghost stories ... everyone had goosebumps" - IOL / Pretoria News
"High Spirits & lot's of fun" - Cape Argus
"Fiendishly different" - The Citizen


Ten out of ten” - ST Marketing for Corporate Client

Totally blown by the drama, activities, stories and fun we had” - Amber Event Planning

"Cullinan's picturesque Oak Avenue was splendid for the walking part, and the drive to the old hospital & cemetery was spooky before we even got there" - Adele & Vincent (Cullinan Sports Club Group)

“Nothing more spooky than the beautiful little town of Parys at night ... ghostly fun at various sites … strange stories
... both hair raising & interesting … we truly enjoyed it” - Illuminate Creations

The quiet beautiful clear skies were mesmerizing as the stars lit up the heavens … [and then the hosts went] out of their way to entertain
and scare the wits out of you in the most unexpected ways … a great work!” - Pierre Boulop, FS Vintage Car Club

Something really fun to do on a weekend” - Francois & Simone Paulsen, Private Group

"By day the scenery is atmospheric, romantic & adventurous, we went river rafting after lunch. Loved the quiet restful resort on the river ...  also at night under the moon when we returned from the tour. The town is gorgeously quaint, but by night it's eerie, mystical & magical. The meals & breakfasts are simply superb.
What a wonderful escape into the country, plus enthralling entertainment ... could not ask for more all on one weekend ... I would pay double the price"- Jack Browne, 40th Birthday