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Get out your cushions, candles, snacks & spirits of another sort for a picnic at home, to enjoy escapist infotainment at its best. Want credible ghost stories instead of sensational TV? Has science provided answers, even of an afterlife? For the first time, Mark Rose-Christie, celebrity paranormalist, illusionist & creator of the 20 year long-running Mystery Ghost Bus of South Africa, appears live on your screen to present stories from all over South Africa, along with video, photographic & other exciting material.

So many around the country have wanted to board our Mystery Ghost Bus or join our Mystery Ghost Jaunt, or in another city to the one they have already taken the Bus or Jaunt in. Or they have never heard our ever-changing, old or new stories. Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy selected ghost stories taken from all 7 cities in which we run, plus stories from some other areas around the country.

Note that we say "selected" stories, because we don't want to tell you all of them, as we want you to also attend our live events in each city, like our
Mystery Ghost Bus (now for Groups Only), Mystery Ghost Jaunt (for Public & Groups), and Ghost Stories Around The Fire (for Public & Groups). All our Productions can be accessed via our home page here

Our online videos comprise cases about ghost & poltergeists, history, superb architectural buildings, eerie scenes, the science of the paranormal, some comical incidents and direct personal experiences with ghosts which we have experienced over the years
. Infotainment at its best.

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